Trampt Responsive Site Design

Project Overview

Head of Product & Co-founder

Co-founded with my friend Blake Dunkel in 2011, Trampt is currently going through an end-to-end product overhaul with another friend & developer Chris Gwizdala. Our site is a crowd-sourced platform for the Designer Toy and Low-Brow Art scene where members can find, follow, collect, talk about and purchase.

Each year, as a member of the Designer Toy Awards judging panel, I'm lucky enough to vote on the best art & toy submissions across a variety of categories.

Design Output

Content Curation & Social Aggregation

How we connect artists and collectors

By following artists and members on Trampt, we are able to create a highly curated collection of content, social posts, news & release information that removes the noise and gets you closer to the things you want.

Product Page

Collect, Discover, Comment, and Purchase

The heart of Trampt is the 172,000+ item library. Our site works like a Wiki, where active members can freely add & update information about items. However, many passive collectors come to simply find information, inspiration, and manage their vast collections.

Discover, Comment, Buy & Sell

Below the basic item information we provide several pivots to either discover similar items, discuss the item, find sources to purchase, or post your own for sale. On other platforms like eBay, the items are categorized by keywords in the listing; our site is curated and only gives you information about the exact item searched for.


Explore at a glance

With so many releases and shows each week, the library provides a quick look into what items have been recently released. production pieces, one-off customs, art prints and original art are also available to view, filter, and explore. Users can change from a condensed grid to a larger more descriptive layout.

Filtering on a large scale

While we provide a simple search feature in the site navigation to find the exact items you're looking for, the Library filters can give users a larger dataset in which to explore.

Inline actions & deep linking

Throughout the experience members can mark items they find as something they Have, Want, Buy or Sell from their collections. We also provide clear indicators on whether other members are talking about items and opportunities to purchase them from the market.

Item and Self-Management

Leveraging our 10,000+ members to help curate

While I have personally added thousands of items to Trampt, the real power comes from our members who not only add new items, but add new information, update pictures and share on other sites. With our wiki-like system, anyone who is a member can add or update items to ensure we have the most accurate information available.

Mobile First Design

Our collectors are on-the-go

While our current traffic doesn't reflect large mobile usage, we realize that is most likely due to our desktop-only templates. Our new responsive framework enables collectors that are attending conventions and art shows to have on-the-spot access to information they need.


Always sketching

Just me, myself, and I

A majority of my work on Trampt over the years has been analog. While I always begin with pen and paper on each project, there is an intentional gap from sketch to design on my Trampt work. As an idea strikes it is quickly jotted down on paper and iterated, then later translated directly into design.


Conventions, Show Openings, and More

A passion for art & design

Over the last few years we've run several shows at New York Comic Con and DesignerCon, as well as attending countless show openings and releases. From the beginning, this community has been extremely supportive and I've been privileged to make some lifelong friends from all over the world. Interacting with artists and manufacturers that produce the stuff I love to collect, has made working on Trampt a truly rewarding experience.

Many of my design adventures for Trampt are available on Instagram.

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  • Presenting at Designer Toy Awards
  • Munky King SDCC Art Battle
  • Filming an episode of Toy Break
  • Personal Collection
  • Buddy KMNDZ doodling for me
  • Designer Toy Awards
  • Paul Frank Show
  • Our custom Trampt Munnys
  • The misses at DesignerCon
  • Presenting at Designer Toy Awards
  • Carson Caitlin customizing for me