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Hulu TV & Mobile Apps

Project Overview

Experience Director working with Huge & Hulu UX teams. (Freelance)

Leading the day-to-day experience design for the new Hulu TV product through Huge has been an amazing opportunity that happens very few times in a career. After the project with Huge ended, I transitioned to work directly with Hulu and we've been able to consistently iterate and improve on the product to create an immersive experience that celebrates the content and provides seamless paths to discovery.

He's not only a great designer but he's a powerful thinker and strategist to boot. Keegan is a unicorn-type of creative; someone who can think critically and design freely.

John Couch Vice President, UX & Design at Hulu

Design Output

Hulu - v1 CES Launch

Immersive Browsing & Dynamic Collections

This animatic was presented privately to the press and studios during CES 2017. Cover story collections provide a rich discovery experience, and fliptray allows subscribers to easily change networks, view what's coming up, and switch to their lineups all while staying in playback.

"My initial impression of the new Hulu UI is that they've figured out how to add live TV to the service without making things more confusing or complicated for the user, and that's a big win." - Engadget

Live TV service & new product promotion

This video was part of the launch, promoting the new Live TV service and redesigned apps. It helped set the tone for the new experience, and signups for the beta launch exceeded expectations.

Hulu - v2 & Beyond

Define, Create and Validate

Since the beta launch of the new Hulu platform, several feature iterations have been designed and implemented across the product. From simple typography & badging updates, to more complex features like a live programming guide & cloud storage management; we work hand-in-hand with the business, product, and development teams to ensure alignment across the entire product.


The first major product redesign

Crafting a new voice for Hulu

While working with Huge, a vast amount of design explorations were done to create the beginning of Hulu's new product. Through this work, a foundation of design components and interaction models were used to build the new framework.

Product framework

Creating flows and templates

After finding a voice, we worked hand-in-hand with the business, product, and development teams at Hulu to help define how content would live inside this new framework.

Packaging Deliverables

The styleguide & libraries

The final artifacts created before the full hand-off from Huge to Hulu was a product styleguide, as well as several template and component libraries for each functional area of the product.

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