MGM Resorts Booking & Marketing Platform

Project Overview

Experience Director on a UX team of six. (SapientNitro - full-time employee)

This project required me to attain a deep understanding of MGM Resorts current technology including Opera, Archtics, GuestBridge, and other proprietary systems. My day-to-day role was to advise & mentor the team, present all deliverables, work with internal tracks to ensure the platform met all client requirements, daily meetings with MGM Resorts stakeholders, and several presentations to MGM Resorts C-Suite Executives.

During MGM Resorts International's customer experience transformation, Keegan was the driving force linking the vision to real live application and performance.

Julie Hoffmann Executive Director Digital/Consumer Experience at MGM

Design Output

Experience Animatics

Rich and Bold

Both of the following animatics were created in parallel, and while elements were taken from both, this exploration was believed to be to avant-garde. Most of the concerns came down to creating/managing assets for this richer experience.

Component based modularity

The second animatic uses a variety of tiles to create a complex grid system. The end-product was powered with Adobe Search & Promote, and allows MGM ultimate control over how they promote content. This grids can be changed dynamically by inbound search, external input, time-of-day, and more to provide the best experience and highest conversion for each individual resort.

Scalable Design Framework

Platform that empowers distinct MGM Brands

Instead of building a different digital experience for each of the 13 MGM properties, our strategy was to build one flexible platform to easily enable cross-marketing efforts. So while,,,, etc. would all sit on the same foundation, each site would feel like its own unique and branded experience.

  • DMP Design MGM Grand
  • DMP Design Bellagio
  • DMP Design Luxor
  • DMP Design Mirage

Redesigned Booking Engine

Room, Show, and Dining Reservations

A significant part of our work on this project was to re-imagine how guests could easily book & manage their Room, Show, and Dining Reservations across all devices. This system had to leverage several different transaction engines, each with their own limitations, as well as integrate into the MGM Resorts loyalty program M life.

Optimized for Mobile Transactions

Majority of Vegas Tourist are on their phones

Each component was designed independently from the page across all viewports, ensuring ultimate flexibility. The biggest challenge was ensuring the new Booking Engine would still have clear calls-to-action across all viewports.


Selling the Vision inside MGM

Birth of the Digital Marketing Platform

The DMP framework deck was created for the MGM Executive leadership, and individual Property Presidents to help explain the complexity and benefits of the platform as we began designing for MGM Grand. The presentation included a variety of diagrams detailing how the platform would scale across Content Management, Personalization, and Transactions.

  • UX Strategy - DMP Framework
  • UX Strategy - DMP Framework
  • UX Strategy - DMP Framework
  • UX Strategy - DMP Framework
  • UX Strategy - DMP Framework
  • UX Strategy - DMP Framework

Wireframes & Interaction Guides

Documenting for approval & off-shore development

With a large team of stakeholders at MGM, every page, component, and interaction across the site needed to be meticulously documented for approval. We had daily stand-ups with the internal tracks (Design, Development, Content Strategy, and Business) to ensure alignment as we created the platform. This also helped streamline our sprint delivery to SapientNitro off-shore for development.

  • Wireframe Annotations - DMP
  • Wireframe Annotations - DMP
  • Wireframe Annotations - DMP
  • Wireframe Annotations - DMP
  • Wireframe Annotations - DMP
  • Wireframe Annotations - DMP
  • Wireframe Annotations - DMP
  • Wireframe Annotations - DMP
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