Sportly Training & Fitness App

Project Overview

Design lead (client)

Worked with Sportly to help develop the first version of their sports fitness and training app for Australian basketball clubs. It was important to create a fun mix of gamification and social interactions amongst teammates and coaches to drive participation. App is currently in development.

Illustration & badge design done by Miri Rooney.

Design Output

Be part of the team

Game & stats management

The Team section of the app connects players with each other and coaches through a shared feed, game/practice schedule, and game stats. The feed allows players to train together, receive updates from their coaches or club, and get up-to-date sports news.

Measurement and motivation

Analyze your workouts & overall health

As players complete workouts across several development areas they can see their top-level progress and break down each area. Additionally, players can input their water intake, nutrition/meals, sleep, and record injuries.

Coaches have a special view of the teams training activities and personal health to help drive real-world training and individual conversations.

Train hard and play hard

Workout on your own or share with your team

Sportly provides workouts broken into four main areas: Skills, Strength, Speed, and Stretching. Players are able to create their own private workouts to share with teammates, or participate in time-based challenges created by coaches and clubs.

Track your teammates progress

Social feeds, stats, and achievements

Players can motivate each other through their activity by sharing their game stats and unlocked achievements inside the app. Due to the ages of some players, connections must be approved by both players before information is shared to provide extra security.

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