Google Food Ordering Microapp

Project Overview

Design lead on team of 3 (Freelance)

Google Payments built microapp support inside GPay to compete with WeChat & Alipay. Our team created several apps, working with outside business partners, for the platform launch. The first few services created enabled the purchase of Movie Tickets, Transportation Services, and Food Ordering.

Keegan is a rare talent: a strategic thinker who speaks the language of engineers and easily collaborates with them to create products. All this while executing work at an unprecedented pace!

Natalie Phillips-Hamblett Product Design Manager at Google

Design Output

The Microapp framework

In parallel to our work, another team in Payments was defining the microapp framework for our Food Ordering app. It consists of four core components: Storefront, Frame, Security (permission & payment), and Order Cards.

  • Microapp Framework

Building new paths for discovery

Breaking food ordering trends

Through our research, we discovered a majority of users who order food online tend to repeat orders from a few restaurants. While we provide simple paths for reorder, the team looked at ways to explore new options either by your local area or by exploring individual dishes.

Ordering options

Takeout versus delivery ... and order with friends

Through the storefront & order cards, users can easily reorder or start a new takeout or delivery order. The user can also update their order options while inside the menu or in checkout if they change their minds. We designed a few flows for shared ordering with friends.

Creating hierarchy

We provided flexible systems in which restaurants could build their ideal menus. Besides the standard item name, description, and price ... we designed for image support, item tags (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc), ratings for past order, and possible food allergy warnings based on your personal profile.

Items & configurations

To combo or not to combo

Menu items have varying levels of complexity from a simple side of fries to a build-your-own burrito. We track what ingredients are in each item so that you can update to build it the way you like it, save, and reorder easily.

Just the way merchants like it

Some dishes require next to no configurations, while other items are nothing but configurations. The consensus from merchant interviews was the importance of tracking price changes in item modifications so we developed several patterns to configure. Many providers use a catch-all special request option to track configurations.

Checkout & order management

Review and pay

Our cart displayed all items ordered with configurations, allowed them to change delivery options, and proceed to checkout. Checkout is handled by the microapp platform where users can switch payment methods and verify purchase.

Track your order

Post payment the user can track their order from the microapp Order Cards. We provide their transaction details, QR for pickup, delivery status, promotions, and the ability to split payments on shared orders.

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