Google Next-Gen Payments

Project Overview

Design lead (Freelance)

While working with Google Payments I created several concepts for improving transactional experiences. These were a mix of internal explorations for GPay, the microapps platform, new stand-alone products, and pitching external partners to develop pilot programs.


Super-charged shopping list

Simple grocery self-checkout

Google Assistant powered shopping lists have been major part of my shopping for a few years now. So how do we augment that experience? A few of the basic features were rewards/coupon integration, product location, product purchase history, related product promotion, and simple self-checkout flow with basic weight confirmation to help validate purchase on exit.

Scan, Bag, and go

Leveraging technology to reduce friction

Looking for ways GPay could enhance retail self-checkout experience we include integrated wishlist, product details, location, and cross-sell. Purchase of products flag the security system to ignore associated RFID tags as they left the store.

Product Tracking

Don't miss out on sales

Price tracking & auto-purchasing

GPay microapp explorations included retail experiences powered by Google Shopping. Users could browse nearby inventory across stores to reserve or simply buy online. Leveraging price tracking, users would be notified of when an item goes on sale. We also explored the idea of pre-authorization auto-purchasing options.

All inventory in one place

Find products nearby & online

Provide the ability for users to search nearby products to reserve in-store or purchase online. Switch between stores to check local inventory, or one-touch purchase from any retailer with stored shipping and payment information


Supporting content creators

One-time or monthly contributions

Exploring options for content creators to earn money without relying on ad support. The micro-payments platform allowed creators to customize messaging, engage with fans, or unlock extra content on their sites or inside app.

Upgrade your starship

Lock screen payments with Glance

Glance is an Android app that allows users to view content, shop, and play games from their lock screens without additional downloads. We generated a few designs to allow micro-payments to content creators/partners through the lock screen.

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